Sunday, January 23, 2005


Our names are Alexis and Sarah. We are 5th Grade girls and we have a few questions for you:

  1. Why do bad things happen when you're in charge?
  2. Are you a good wizard or a bad wizard?
  3. Are you / will you ever be ruler of the world?
  4. What is your favourite song?
  5. Which do you prefer: Telletubbies or Sesame Street?
  6. What is your ALL-TIME favourite game to play at lunchtime?
  7. Do you like popcorn?
  8. Can I be your secretary? Please? (Mummy said I could be PM one day!)

Bye bye! We love you Little Johnny Howard!

Love Alexis and Sarah

Alexis and Sarah,

Always rad to hear from some of my younger fans. Have you girls heard of the Young Libs? All you'd need is a twin-set and pearls to join, and it's heaps of fun. All the coolest kids are in the Young Libs.

Anyway, to answer your questions:

  1. Yeah, some bad things have happened while I've been PM, but the important thing was that I didn't know about any of them. Seriously, people never tell me, so it's never my fault.

  2. You're both probably too young to remember, but there was this awesome film in the late 80s called "The Wizard" and it had Fred Savage in it and his little brother is fully sick at Nintendo and so he was the Wizard and they were chased by baddies but the baddies lost in the end. I am fully sick at Nintendo and I'm a good guy, so I am a good wizard. I love the power glove... it's so bad.

  3. No, I will never be the ruler of the world 'cause George Bush is already the ruler of the world. I'm happy just being the ruler of Australia and being best friends 4eva with the ruler of the world.

  4. "God Save the Queen". Catchy and relevant.

  5. Sesame Street, 'cause one of the Teletubbies is a gay homosexual and that is wrong because he may want to get married and that would be bad. Sesame Street is great, though it'd be better without all the foreigners.

  6. My all-time favourite game to play at lunch time is definitely kanga cricket. Hitting that big flag-pole on Parliament House is six and out.

  7. Yes. Yes I do.

  8. Well, I guess a secretary is an acceptable career for a chick, but really, you should both be focusing more on finding a good husband and settling down to have kids and run a household. That brings me back to what I was saying before about the Young Libs - it's a great place to meet heaps of really nice, well-dressed young men with traditional family values.

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